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Wells Fargo – Ruling the World while F$cking the Planet

I cannot stand inefficiencies. I have no patience for people, companies, or agencies wasting my time, or anyone else’s. I take it as a sign of severe disrespect. What’s worse is when one’s time is wasted and the process is causing additional harm; like damaging the environment and the planet. What’s even far worse is […]

Software Reliability – Technology or Black Magic?

As a hard core user of cloud software and services, in literally every area of my life, I likely see or notice many things that other people don’t. I often feel that I have the rare ability to consistently jam or break things that should be working for millions, if not tens of millions, of […]

America: The Land of the Hindered and the Home of the Scared

My Grandfather served in World War II. My Father was blown up in Vietnam, waking up on a hospital boat with wounds bad enough to retire him from service, and sent home awarded with a Purple Heart. I have always been truly proud to be an American. America has been known around the world as […]